Welcome to Squid Sound System!

this is the place for home made audio gear of various type and genre.
Please check in every now and then for further info.
Thank You.

Recently at Squid Sound System...

Russian Crazy Sound Machine! Revival of Elektronika EM-26 Vokoder!

Playing around with freshly bent Korg volca beat and Korg volka bass...

Checking the vital signs of Roland SH-101 after revival.

House Rythm Synth

Tinkering with DreadBox Kappa2. The Mod.



What is it all about? [ show / hide ]

This site is dedicated to all types of audible stuff I build with a handfull of freaks/friends.
With combined skills and crafts and access to various tools and machines like CNC we can do a lot.

It is about things that make sound (or audio signal),
about things that influence the sounds in space
And about things usefull when your about to make the sound.

I will irregularly drop in some info on music, builds, events and ideas.

Those of you interested in purchasing some home made gear please contact me via e-mail and come by every once in a while to check out the news.
If You have your own idea on a music device but can not do it yourself? Contact me as well!
We can make, bend or revamp some cool stuff together!

Who am I? [ show / hide ]

My name is Konrad Zientara.
Since several years I'm performing as K'sadhu and Square Pirate.
I am an architect and inventor. A DJ and composer.
A DIY audio electronic geek n' freak.

Building things. Bending things.
And sometimes permanently destroing... happens.

I am not claming to be the expert on audio electronics or any electronics at all.
What I know I learned my self from various books and web resources.
What I do is stuff that me or anybody wants or wishes to try out.

Having fun with the matter at hand.
As I'm very interested in signal generating, shapeing and processing I build stuff that is designet to do just that.
And speaking of design - that is the thing I love most in this fun - becouse every electronic music performer is a gadget geek and there is no greater gadget as one home made.

Stay tuned

check out my Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube channel.

go explore and download some music of my friends and mine at [ label.niezba.org ].